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MitsDecisions shipyard provides exertion of vessels comprise of Passenger Ferries, Motor Yachts, Catamarans, Fast Patrol Crafts, Landing Crafts, Oil-Spill Recovery Vessels, Crew & Utility Boats, Tankers, Multi-Purpose Crafts, and Fishing trawlers. Furthermore, we bring forth consultation on ship design, engineering, constructing and repairing. We continuously thrive to meet the outspread requirements and high standards for both local and global customers worldwide.

The start of our procedure begins from listening to the clients’ current affairs, and to deeply understanding the clients’ needs and issues. The diversity of each individual project and its unique requirements serve as a creative challenge, which provides us the useful insights to the countless dimensions of shipbuilding and ship repairing.

With over 30 years of domain expertise, our engineering team possesses great potential from innumerable experiences in developing refined solutions for our clients’ individual needs. We could not have felt more accomplished from our clients’ profound satisfaction with our shipbuilding and ship repairing services.

Throughout the years, we have preserved high customer loyalty, and there is nothing more fulfilling than to see our clients returning to the company for our guidance. We are more than delighted and greatly appreciative of our long-term customers that have selected MitsDecisions shipyard.

“We serve our clients by designing and assembling extensive arrays of steel vessels.”


MitsDecisions Company Limited was found in the year 1986.

In its preliminary year, MitsDecisions obtained projects that were solely focused on the extension or the renovation of private vessels. Subsequently, in order to concentrate more on designing larger and more complex ships, the company recruited better skilled workers. We were proficient of handling a variation of shipbuilding both in terms of scale and function, and expanded tremendously within the first five years. Currently, we are working on more than four hundred projects simultaneously.



At MitsDecisions Company Limited, we emphasize our distinct attention on delivering ‘international quality standard’ products. We have matured our quality system to conform to the ISO 9001:2008.

In addition to our convergence to the detailed requirements by the ISO, we have gained a certificate under BUIL LINDER (Lloyd) and GL Regulation.


At MitsDecisions shipyard, we follow safety measures seriously. It is a requirement for all our workers to wear orange uniforms, safety helmets, together with other safety equipment provided by the company according to the ISO 900 1:2008.

We offer impeccable safety standards. There is a team of security that monitors the shipyard with the aid of CCTV cameras, which were installed within the confines of the shipyard itself.


In the course of all our ventures, we have a team of engineers highly specialized in shipbuilding, working with a team of expert ship designers who had multiple years of experiences in CAD drawing for ships. These groups of trained individuals retain skills necessary for shipbuilding, such as conversions, ship designing and many more.

Additionally, we have a studio built specifically for CAD drawing and developments, including maintaining the connections with authorized design consultants from many well-recognized ship design agencies.


Planning and preparing the construction process for vessels that are up to 85 meters long, which are usually small to medium size vessels, is our area of expertise at MitsDecisions. Constructing four ships simultaneously or smaller-sized vessels in proportionally larger number, is our on-going capacity.

We had supplied first-rate shipbuilding results to numerous satisfied clients and had met their specific requirements. Some of these are container vessels, Motor yachts, Catamarans , tugs, trawlers, passenger vessels and barges.


  • Engineering planning using CAD drawings
  • Acquisition
  • Operation Administration
  • Construction
  • Inspection / Testing

Accompanied by the cooperation of our technical knowledge and domain expertise in Ship Building, we, in every occasion, are able to meet all of our clients’ highest expectations. Whether it is the accomplishment of Passenger Ferries, Motor Yachts, Catamarans, Fast Patrol Crafts, Landing Crafts, Oil-Spill Recovery Vessels, Crew & Utility Boats, Tankers, Multi-Purpose Crafts, and Fishing trawlers.


MitsDecisions shipyard aims at supplying excellent ship restorations, ship structure performance and altercation for ship possessor all over the world. We regard our customers as partners as we work alongside them, and in great precision, regulate to meet their demands and provide solutions in the event of problems arising, so that the highest standard of results possible could be delivered. It is our commitment to guarantee products to be assembled on time with reasonable prices.

MitsDecisions have expanded in its dimensions and involvements via countless services, and take-on commitments since its early years. We can distribute a comprehensive diversity of services for ship repairs, comprising of:

  • Sand blasting and Ship painting service
  • Coating and renewing of ship’s hulls
  • Engine room, deck, and hold reconditioning tank pipework
  • Repair of ship’s shafts, propellers & rudders
  • Repair of ship’s electrical system and Hydraulic system
  • Mechanical overhauls

Moreover, we have local amenities dedicated to carpentry, galvanizing, hard chroming, air conditioning and insulation works.

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